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As a child I was always on the go and at school enjoyed athletics and gymnastics. I still enjoy keeping active with a mixture of walking, cardio/weight training and yoga. These activities, together with good nutrition, help me to maintain my overall wellness.  

I had my first taste of yoga in my late teens when I enrolled on a 12 week course.  I then spent many years dipping in and out of classes but now I couldn’t imagine life without it.  I try to practice daily at home, even if it’s only a 10 minute meditation.

In my late 20’s I did a lot of ‘Power’ yoga, which included a lot of strength and core work.  I also carried on using yoga safely through my pregnancy, even doing yoga in the pool!

In 2006 the family went through a traumatic event that left my body stuck in ‘fight or flight’.  After a couple of years of pumping out adrenalin constantly I finally ‘hit the wall’, I was burnt out.  It was at this point when I decided to attend a yoga course that was both relaxing and restorative.  

I also had a few ‘One2One’ sessions and it was during this time I realised yoga was beginning to support me mentally as well as physically.  

As my wellness improved I could see the benefits that yoga was bringing. Even when the children were growing up and I found myself becoming more and more anxious, I used meditation to help me relax.

Unfortunately, by 2012 my general health had deteriorated and I had no idea why!

I had many symptoms that I couldn’t explain and I had become so weak and tired that I had to seek medical help. The doctor sent me for a full blood test to include thyroid and a coeliac screening. My thyroid tests came back fine but I had tested positive for coeliac disease.  You can find out more about coeliac disease on the ‘Gluten Free Helly page.

Within a couple of weeks of going on a gluten free diet the swelling in my tummy had reduced, my joints stopped aching and my tiredness was less.  It did however, take a couple of years for me to build my muscle and strength back up.  I used a mixture of yoga and weight training to aid my recovery and it wasn’t long before I was able to enjoy life again.

During the time of my healing I decided to study Nutritional Therapy which gave me the knowledge I needed to help me recover.  I am now more aware of the foods that I need and when I need them, which enables me to nourish my body accordingly.

As you can see yoga plays a big part in my life and because of this in 2018 I decided to study to become a yoga teacher.  This gives me the opportunity to share the ‘Light of Yoga’ safely and effectively.

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Love and blessings, Helly xx



Yoga Teacher

Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga with YMCA Fit. This qualification allows me to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry as a yoga instructor.

The course has given me a sound understanding of anatomy and physiology for exercise and health, the philosophy and fundamentals of yoga and how to programme/instruct a yoga class.

Nutritional Therapist

Level 5 Nutritional Therapist course with The Health Sciences Academy. This allows me to identify any nutritional deficiencies and formulate a diet plan to correct them and alleviate health symptoms.

The course also covered how food affects our gene expression and body chemistry, including topics such as free radicals and DNA damage, the role of antioxidants, fibre and probiotics and also discovered natures pharmacy,  160 super-foods, their nutrients and what their functions are.